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Wild Paws App

Thanks for being part of the Wild Paws pack! We love serving you and your pets and look forward to caring for them in the future. We use an app called Time to Pet to track our visits, keep pet care records, and exchange communication. Below you will find instructions on downloading and using the app. 

1. Download the Time to Pet app in the Apple App store or Google Play store.  Click on the icons for the download link


2. Check your email and a "Welcome to Wild Paws" email. Then click the "Activate" button to activate your account


3. After creating your unique password, you're ready to use the app! Poke around and see that the imported information is correct. 

Conversation: This will be used for Wild Paws to send you updates with images about our visit with your pet(s). 

My Info: This is basic information that has been manually imported. Please double check the information is accurate.

Scheduling: Interested in scheduling directly online? Check out the "scheduling" button to add future dates, as well as see upcoming confirmed bookings.

Note: this may look a little different on the Android version. Click the Menu at the top-right of the app to see the different options listed in the image.

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